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Muay Thai Basic Introduction for Beginners

The history of Muay Thai as a martial art is deeply rooted in the past of the country of Thailand. Thailand has a long history of militant invasions from neighboring countries. As a result the people of Thailand were forced to depend on their own abilities to defend themselves from unwelcome intruders.

Originally all the Thai people had were short-range spears and clubs to use in battle. This close combat fighting led to the development of fighting methods that included using the hands, feelt, elbows, fists, and head as weapons. As the fighting methods became ingrained in the people, they developed a set of close combat fighting skills that are now called Muay Thai or “Thai boxing.”

In the very beginning of the discipline, Muay Thai practitioners fought with bare fists. Also, early forms of the method did not utilize grappling techniques. Fighters simply stepped in to execute a strike against their opponent and then withdrew in order to escape a reciprocal strike. There were no considerations for things like size or weight classes. People simply fought, and often times winners would immediately be paired up with their next opponent.

Rules were virtually non-existent. It was acceptable to use the head as a weapon for striking, and the groin was not considered off limits for an attack. Eventually sparring matches were divided into rounds.

Basic Techniques

The basic Muay Thai martial arts techniques include using the elbows, fists, shins, knees and feet for striking. Grappling is to offensive techniques and for self defense moves.

The clinch technique is accomplished by grabbing the opponent around the body or the next. When you watch Western Boxing, for example, you might notice that if fighters engage in this clinching technique, they will be separated.

Blocking is very important to Muay Thai, and in order for practitioners to be successful blockers they must be in top physical and mental condition. One of the blocks used in Muay Thai is the raised shin. By performing this technique, the user can block roundhouse kicks on the mid to lower body. For higher strikes, the forearm and knee or shin is used. Direct blows to the torso are often weakened by turning the torso. In tradition Thai boxing, opponents exchange blows with each other and bout becomes a grueling battle of attrition.

Muay Thai has gained a great deal of popularity all over the world, and it used frequently by competitive practitioners. This popularity has led to the infusion of other striking techniques such as those of modern boxing. Sometimes Muay Thai boxers engage in matches with fighters who specialize in other styles. In most cases they will use elbow and knee strikes to create an advantage against their opponent.

Muay Thai training is popular today all over the world, and a world championship tournament is held. The sport has been accepting in many countries. Men and women, people of all backgrounds and every age are learning the martial arts discipline of Muay Thai.

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