pattaya street walkers

I am staying in Pattaya for 3 days after which i need a quite beach town to relax for 2 days? Please help?

i need a quite beach town which is rather quite and isolated from the madness of pattaya.

I need to relax here for 2 days before heading to bangkok.

so it should be a place from where i can head to bangkok easily.

it would also help if this place had some nice girls to keep me company in the night.

Please mention the price for these girls.

They should not be street walkers but girls from places which regularly test their girls for STDs.

If you want someplace REALLY quiet, hire a car to take you to Khao Takiab, which is just south of Hua Hin. You should be able to hire a car for 2500 to 3000B to get you there from Pattaya, and a taxi to return to Bangkok will cost you approximately 1400B.
Khao Takiab is very quiet, nice beach, easy living. Take your own books.
I stayed at this place and really liked it as a place to retreat and relax:

walking street pattaya 02/09


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