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ENGLISH-THAI - Love, Sex and Romance Phrasebook

ENGLISH-THAI – Love, Sex and Romance Phrasebook

This concise e-book was written after we asked many questions to hundreds of Thai girls working in the bars and entertainment spots of Bangkok and Pattaya, as well as numerous regular Thai women who simply thought it might be a nice idea to have a foreign boyfriend. We also talked to many tourists from different countries around the world, concentrating on men who primarily travelled to the ‘Lan…

Red Star Over Pattaya: A Thriller

Red Star Over Pattaya: A Thriller


Private Investigator Wilson Smith discovers two women brutally murdered on Pattaya Beach. It’s the work of Russian thugs also engaged in extortion, gambling, child and adult prostitution, torture, robbery and bribery. Wilson’s not qualified to investigate serious crimes so he turns for help to Punya, a former Royal Thai Police homicide detective. A kidnapping and a beheading complicate matters …

Redlight-Escort-Prostitution Superbook

Redlight-Escort-Prostitution Superbook

I was about fifteen years old when a friend of mine, Brian, who was basically a spoiled kid raised by a single mother, called up a hooker. I thought he was joking. A girl actually showed up. He had sex with her while I stayed in another room. I was too scared to have sex with a call girl at that age even though he offered me a go at her. I had read the book The Happy Hooker and some Sex Comic…


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