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Hello and welcome to Thailand Girlfriend

This site was created to provide information and resources for anyone interested in finding and meeting a Thai girl for romance, fun or even marriage.  Thai girls are known for their beauty and charm and they really are the sweetest girls on Earth.  But there can be risks when you venture into a foreign culture.  Get educated so you can be sure to have a great experience and a romance that most men can only dream of.

We search the net for the best resources to ensure you create the best experience for yourself.  Getting one or more of our recommended resources below will put you in charge of the game and give you the knowledge you need to find your dream Thai girl, and get just what you want without getting your fingers burnt.

We hope this site can be of great service to you, and we wish you the very best of luck in your search for your Thai girl.


Your Thai Girl – The Ultimate Guide To Meeting And Understanding Thai Women

Thai Girl Guide

“If You Are An 18-80 Year Old Male Who Craves Love, Happiness And Wild Adventures Then Here’s Why You Should Join The 643 Other Guys Just Like YOU Who Have Traveled To Thailand For Just Pennies On The Dollar!”

Your Thai Girl — The First Ever ‘Insider’s Guide’ To Meeting A Thai Woman And Fully Enjoying The Amazing Thai Lifestyle!  Here at long last is the ‘blueprint’ to a loving and deeply fulfilling Thai woman relationship.

Great bonuses included as well:

  • How to meet a Thai Girl in 10 days or less
  • How to live in Thailand on $600 a month
  • How to find a Thai Girl to love
  • Everything you need to know about getting your Thai visa
  • How to meet Thai Women – online confidential videos
  • Free ‘Relocate to Thailand’ confidential consultation

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Thai Girls Revealed – The Truth About Thai Bar Girls


A No Holds Barred Guide to Enjoying Thailand and Understanding the Thai Bar Girl Lifestyle.  No travel guides, brochures, or websites will give you the practical and invaluable advice this book gives.

It’s a book about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do if you’re going to spend time with a Thai bar girl. It’s also a book about what to look after for avoiding girls that are looking for a “walking ATM machine”.

  • How to earn the respect of a Thai woman and make your relationship the real thing.
  • How to spot a gold-digger and how to handle her.
  • The pitfalls of Thai family relationships and how to avoid getting your pocket picked.
  • How to deal with children if your relationship becomes serious.
  • Why Thai women are attracted to Western men and how to turn this fact to your advantage
  • The real deal about Thai marriage culture and why you are at a disadvantage.
  • Where NOT to find a Thai girl and why.

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Pattaya Girls


Thai people, their customs and behaviour are a mystery to most western men, even to many of those that live here, and even some of those who are married to Thai women!

I believe, that because of their customs and culture, Thai girls have the potential to make the most interesting and exciting love partner you could ever imagine.

Pattaya is a magical place. Beautiful girls come from all over Thailand in the hope of meeting a western man. Many of the girls who come to Pattaya operate in the pay for play zone. But there are also many girls who come here hoping to meet a man and hope to have a more traditional relationship. They may work in regular jobs or they may just spend their time looking for a western man. I will show how you can meet these girls.

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Thai Love Links – Exclusive Thai Dating Site

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

Thai Love Links is a high quality and well organised dating site set up exclusively to meet Thai ladies.  Free to join.  A great way to begin communication with a beautiful Thai girl (or girls) and start to build a relationship before meeting.

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